Tampa, Florida-based Fruitwood Standup Market’s Founder and Managing Member Justin Clark announced the company is launching a nationwide franchise program.

Fruitwood Standup Market was conceived in 2010 and eventually opened its doors in 2013, after years of perfecting the restaurant’s nutritious, healthy menu and fun, funky vibe and design.  Because of Clark’s and long-time associate’s Price Giles’ commitment to quality, fresh ingredients and precise prep techniques, every bite at Fruitwood Standup Market is an explosion of flavors and textures.  

The restaurant offers a unique combination of wood-fired honey-wheat flatbreads, chopped salads or raps, fresh juices and cold brewed ice coffees and tea, with a small, but thoughtful selection of beer and wine. The standup paddleboard/surfing theme creates a fun vibe and makes this restaurant ideal for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner, meeting up with friends, some “me time” or a family meal at a place where people actually enjoy eating and feel great afterwards.  

The Fruitwood Standup Market concept is steeped in quality, beginning with menu items, lovingly made from the best, freshest products.  For example, the name for the café’s “68$ Chopped Salad” came from countless tries to create the perfect salad.  Eventually, Clark spent 68 dollars for produce one Sunday afternoon and finally put together the ingredients and proportions flawlessly.  This same devotion to quality shines in the restaurant design, hip ambiance and relationships with its customers.  

While Fruitwood Standup Market has been in business for almost five years, Clark has extensive experience in the restaurant industry. From age 13, he worked in his mother’s coffee shop in New Orleans, resulting in his love of New Orleans style cold brewed iced coffee and local beers.  He began his long association with Smoothie King almost 20 years ago, as owner of four locations and helped to develop and operate five additional locations.  He has owned his current Smoothie King location since 1999.  This experience as a franchisee has taught him about the Franchisor/Franchisee relationship.  “I know how l like to be treated as a Franchise Owner, and we promise to deal with Fruitwood Franchise Owners honestly, fairly and respectfully,” said Clark. “At Fruitwood, we are very proud of what we have accomplished in carving out a name and place in our community. We are anxious to share our winning concept with others who are willing to work hard for their own success.”   

Steve Raines, President of National Franchise Associates, one of the nation’s leading franchise consulting and development firms, helped create the Fruitwood Standup Market franchise program.  Said Raines, “I think Fruitwood Standup Market has all the elements in place for success in franchising.  The concept meets today’s tastes and lifestyles. Their food is absolutely delicious. It’s not only good for you but very tasty and satisfying.  Fruitwood is a fun place to go, and the prices are very reasonable, especially considering the quality.  They worked very hard to get everything just right before rolling out their franchise program.  Plus, the management team are great people.  While they are devoted to quality, they appreciate hard work in others, yet are easy going, no drama kind of people.  They will have their Franchise Owners’ backs.”  

For information on the Fruitwood Standup Market franchise program, please call (813) 437-7205 or email fruitwoodfranchises@gmail.com.


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